Horses is a grand passion, and it began a long time ago, with a grandmother who loved the horses.

Her family were sawmill owners. The horses of the day 1900 – 1930 were the draft horses who worked in the woods snigging logs , haling loads to roadside and general farm work.

One neighbour, a Mrs. Letty Bruce-Williams, had a saddle horse which she rode regularly. She was quite a sight at the time in her riding habit of the day, she later moved to Truro. She became quite instrumental developing riders in that area. So between the books and the trips to stables, including the Halifax Police Department for their Open house, between the age of birth and 3 years the passion began.

Because of the introduction to the heavier horses, the gravitation to the warmblood breed was a natural fit. Originally beginning with a draft mare and crossing her with a quality Thoroughbred stallion, we bred a number of successful field hunters and show jumpers. These horses competed in the eastern USA.

In 1995 the opportunity arose to purchase the Black Latvian Warmblood stallion Jumars. We then purchased a young North American Dutch Warmblood mare Niagara ( Zeoliet/Ramiro Z) . This combination has produced our brood mare band. The mares are of sound limb quiet temperaments, and athletic movers. All black bays of uniform size. Qualities which we see in their offspring.

During early 2000 and for a number of years we ventured into the Quarter Horse world, showing on the Western Pleasure circuit. We purchased the Quarter Horse stallion Hickory Dickory Hot, whom we bred to Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred mares to produce Hunt Seat prospects and a few western pleasure horses. Hickory Dickory Hot by Hot Rodders Jet Set produced many champion hunt seat and western pleasure horses, good minds well built flat knees and good movers. So for awhile our farm had a Quarter Horse breeding program and a Warmblood .breeding program.

In 2008 we phased out the quarter horse program to concentrate on breeding Warmbloods. It has been an adventure in the horse world . The horse has given us the opportunity to meet many wonderful people across North America. This passion isn’t going to stop any time soon. We hope you enjoy our site and if you are in the area stop in for a visit we’d love to see you.